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【1st UTAU Works Festival】Connect【UTAU Original Song】


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I would be happy if both people who know and who don't know UTAU enjoy it.

◆MP3 (inclucing karaoke) distribution
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※ Postscript: Well ... I've heard that Lapis is Vocaloid ... Sorry lol

Please refer to the content tree for borrowed data.

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[ From a Translator ]
UTAU names aren't in the description because many UTAUs are in this song.
The content tree appears on clicking "New works" button.

1st UTAU Works Festival (第1回UTAU作品祭) is from Oct 10 through Oct 26, 2014.
Its application method is on the community of 1st UTAU Works Festival - co2435501
Uploaded works in the festival are listed on - http://angel-cup.ch2.cc/UTAUmaturi/

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