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【GUMI/Miku】 Carroll in Wonderland 【Original】


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I, 暗黒童話P/Joruzin, uploaded a new work to Niconico Video on September 30th, 2014, and 18 hours after the announcement, it was deleted by administrators because it violated the terms of service. We deeply regret that the painter (榊薔薇 鎖鬼) had to revise the video, but we announce now that we've posted a revised/censored version here. We apologize for the inconvenience caused to the Niconico Video management, corporation and staff * King Crimson We borrowed part of a phrase. We respect you. Thank you so much Illustrator/榊薔薇 鎖鬼: @Sakakibara_Saki Title logo: Wanon Music/Lyrics: Joruzin (mylist/23461729) MP3 & Karaoke → http://piapro.jp/joruzin Twitter → https://twitter.com/joruzinhina (Miraculously brought back from a permanent freezing)

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