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【I LoVU】Hate Myself ~Until I Can Love Myself~【MV】


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Video Description:

"I hate, I hate myself"

A MV of the 1st single by an idol group "I LoVU", where Aikawa Kozue is the leader,
has been completed!

1st SINGLE "Hate Myself ~Until I Can Love Myself~"
is on sale, limited only by mail-order or at live venues!!

Aikawa Kozue (愛川こずえ) @aikawa_kozue mylist/8105413
Otomiya Natsume (音宮なつめ) @na_chan0701
Hoshino Moru (星乃もる) @_morurun_ mylist/26908620
Tsurezure Miore (徒然みおれ) @turezure_miore
Aya Lilia (彩りりあ) @lilia_lilymouse mylist/32481131

I LoVU's Official Twitter @I_LoVU_official
Official Website http://ns-agent-ilovu.com/
【I LoVU 1st Anniversary Live Performance!】
Oct 26 (Sun), 2014 at I LOVE TOKYO in Nishi-Shinjuku
Details: 1st Stage http://urx.nu/clbO 2nd Stage http://urx.nu/clbQ

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