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【Nekomura Iroha】 Tanabata Renka 七夕恋歌 Tanabata Love Song 【Nobira Original】


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I've uploaded the instrumental! →http://piapro.jp/shumusix01 The only thing I wish for……Is to meet you. This is Nobira.This time, I've brought you a collab with Hoshino Shinichiro-san! Even though I say the "seventh evening 七夕", I mean the Tanabata festival near the beginning of August. …Hey, it's already September!!! I was able to make Iroha-san sing this charmingly, so please listen to this comfortably. ★Lyricist:Hoshino Shinichiro 星野慎一郎 http://piapro.jp/TrueShootingStar ★Lyricist?Composer/Arrangement:Nobira のびら (mylist/15548487) @shumusix ★Mastering:Matcha 抹茶(mylist/23383713) ★Illustration:Wami わみ。 (mylist/45701246) ★Video:Chocolaté-P チョコラテP(mylist/25114615) ←Previous work:「In Halted Time」sm24381966  Next work:「」 →

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