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【あぷりこっと*Apricot*】Platinum-shin'in future Mix-【I danced it again】


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Video Description:

And there were no headphones.

(At last, my favorite SONY's VT-50 were broken.)

I filmed the video because I'd danced it at Onna Ikki. It's been 4 years since the event.Time files. A junior high school student has become a high school student.

◎This verson: Hatsune Miku "Platinum" -shin'in future Mix-(U-skeP) sm6293950
◎Original song:【Hatsune Miku】 Platinum 【Original song】 (10日P) nm6193625

◎Original choreography★『Platinum』-shin'in future Mix-Danced_it
Ume ウメ ver・sm9871613
Kinako きなこ ver・sm12130985

*I arranged some parts. I respect Kinako!

Filming&Editing:takachii mylist/22709002

Various things of Ap.

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