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【Asibuto Penta】Danced to Friday's Good Morning


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Video Description:

* Friday is the crucial day *

Good evening, this is Asibuto!
I danced to a cute song! I enjoyed myself (*´ワ`*)
I hope I will say good morning to everyone in tomorrow morning!

Original Song → sm23910729
Music Source Used → sm23926031
Original Choreography → sm23912175

My List → mylist/22912938
Community → co1358080
Twitter → @Asibuto_Penta
Website → http://drpc.main.jp/penta/

[ From the Translator ]
English subtitles - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4Y1LjoHcik
The location may be the same as sm16461138.

"Friday is the crucial day" (決戦は金曜日) is a song title by DREAMS COME TRUE.

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