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【Asibuto Penta】Danced to Donut Hole【Original Choreography】


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Video Description:

It's September! This is Ashibuto.
I tried to make a video of Donut Hole (sm24245333) by myself with the choreography
which I supplied to AhiruP (あひるP)!
I meant to try hard to be close even just a little ... to cool GUMI!
Please watch me warmly (*´ワ`*) !
Filming Cooperation: Seto City Digital Research Park Center,  Thank you!
Original Song → sm22138447
Video for MMD Cup → sm24245333

My List → mylist/22912938
Community → co1358080
Twitter → @Asibuto_Penta
My Website → http://drpc.main.jp/penta/

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