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【The 13th MMD Cup】Strange Notes from T.A.S. Marisa【MMD Drama】


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Video Description:

([∩∩])< Play's End.
Made By: Behoimi Project (mylist/27336, Twitter: @BehoimiP)
Theme: "Swimming in a Sea of Memories"
【theme: Sea (海)】【name: Behoimi Project】

The death of a lion.
I don't know what's next in the future, if I'll make another T.A.S Marisa video, or something different.
Well, in the end, it's that time again. As such, you get a star.

<List of Behoimi Project・MMD Cup Works → mylist/38435701
【Preliminary: sm23995847
T.A.S Marisa Series: 9th Cup → sm18607070 10th Cup → sm20049893 11th Cup → sm21553880
13th MMD Cup Work #2 "Loudmouth! Creeper Sensei THE MOVIE #02" →sm24235940
13th MMD Cup Work #3 "Effect Craftsman BeamMan" →sm24244104

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