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【AKB48】Girls【Danced it】


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Video Description:

Nice to meet you, everyone!!!!

We three girls "loving Niconico Douga" from AKB48, planned and formed a "Danced it"
("踊ってみた") group this time!!

The name of the group is "Potebari!" (ぽてばり!)!

The Danced it we've been eager for (´;ω;`)♪
We are still beginners for Danced it, but we'll make our efforts to have as many people as
possible interested!!!

Danced it is wonderful!
Niconico is great!! \(^p^)/

Team K Ishida Haruka (石田晴香)
Team K Iwasa Misaki (岩佐美咲)
Team A Iwata Karen (岩田華怜)

We are looking forward to your support!

【Original Music】MARiA × Easy Pop → sm18280798
【Original Choreography】→ sm18553190

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