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【GUMI】The Color Is Blue【Original Song with PV】


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Video Description:

It's HpMp, another name Carbonate-P (炭酸P)! This upload is for the first time in a year.

The 2nd song in my works "addiction colors", having color motif. This motif color is "blue".
Previous work in "addiction colors" → sm19716562  (with white color motif)

"What color is your blue?"

◇Music and Lyrics: HpMp
・mylist : mylist/32669749
・twitter: https://twitter.com/HpMp_0729

◇Movie : PunchBear (パンチベアー)
・mylist : mylist/38707675
・twitter: https://twitter.com/punch_bear_0223

◇Singer: GUMI

NicoKara (ニコカラ) (Off Vocal) → sm24054619  (On Vocal) → sm24054572
Download for instrumental →  http://piapro.jp/t/lN5a
High resolution version on YouTube →  http://youtu.be/FK9F5aghB9M

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