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[Earphone required] and [licking ear] stereophonic voice CD


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Propaganda Thank you! The notice of ... I'm sorry for the delay is is part of the voice CD of free distribution planned for 2014 summer Komi. Data delivery schedule from HP! As we have created almost ad lib, there is a little weird part ... equipment, also cut noise method redesigned! Special [http://sirokuma-ayaka.info/c86] Illustration: Mumu like [http://mu2.sakura.ne.jp/] Production: Polar Bear daughter-in-law [http://sirokuma-ayaka.info/] Community [ co1593871 ] three-dimensional acoustic ear voice [ mylist / 29972027 ] ear licking [ mylist / 49668444 ] acoustic relationship [ mylist / 31342419 ] twitter [ayakaigasaki] ※ reprint allowed only if it does not benefit by the reprint. Please be sure to copyright notice.

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