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【6th Touhou Nico Douga Festival】We Made Momotaro Touhou Style Music【Cooperation】First Half


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【!】We recommend viewing this in full screen.
We made a fictional Momotaro, created by the Hakurei shrine maiden (lolololol) (Lie
Hello, this is a Touhou style music collaboration set.
Following last time【sm21243865】, this is a Touhou style music collaboration this time!
The volume has increased, as it is a medley co-produced by 12 people.
We will send you a luxurious double-feature!

So, enjoy your stay and eat your millet dumplings.

There is a standalone MP3 for each song(Unfinished)→http://tmbox.net/ps/6693
Next→【sm23877782】Collaboration Mylist【mylist/37862491

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