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【IA×Hatsune Miku】Delusion〆Question 【Original MV】


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Video Description:

Thank you for your help, Yairi here.

I post again after about a year. Tette-re Uh... my mind... ...... Aa... and my face...
Though it didn't turn out as I wished it'd be, this is so-called a song.


Illust:Sakuragi Kei

Movie:Parmy 【mylist/21863759

「Daydream QuestioN ?」
Kakichoco & Vivianne wrote this song.

Official site:http://p.tl/_AF6

This time, it turned out to be a major release! http://linkis.com/www.subcul-rise.jp/y/jUY2g


As I am now I’m able to understand the seriousness of the problem
Hey, that’s why I’m down-to-earth
I’ve succeeded in improving my personality
So why? Tell me why
We just lose each other

Hey, Even If I were to become the evil one (oni) for your sake
I can’t say that in order to be happy I’ve become like a broken pot

Even if it’s delusional it’s ok, surely it’s ok
It keeps on repeating over and over
Worrying that it’s too early
Surely feeling jealous
Even if I’m an idiot let me laugh
Come on, I’ll end up throwing away this block of hate!

I’ve lost myself to the voice of praise ahh-
“It’s a child blessed with talent”
hey, spit out some kind words!

If only you could become more humble for my sake
It takes just this much right?
But I’m tired to repeat it I’ll stop

Is it fine to talk this way? Is it ok If I stop?
It’s not so nice as it is
But not so bad either there’s something after all
I’m an idiot so let me laugh
Blaming each other has become an habit just stop it
Come on dance!

Is it fine to talk this way ? It’s quite fine isn’t it
It keeps repeating
Being concerned about this incoming opportunity
Surely feeling jealous
It’s stupid right? Forgive this regret
Blaming each other has become an habit just stop it
Dance instead!
That’s right, I’ll end up throwing away this block of hate !

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