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[Official Collaboration] Various Artists - "Blessing" Version A M/V


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Video Description:

"Blessings for your everyday."

Click here for the Vocaloid version! sm23304692
Version B, with more people you know to come and love, here! sm23348371

Off-vocal Karaoke available here: nc88308


halyosy (user/1101042,mylist/5021302 Twitter: @halyosy)
that (user/4438887,mylist/7308766 Twitter: @that_kinda_song)

96neko 96猫 (user/9217369,mylist/15614906 Twitter: @96__neko)
vipTenchou vip店長 (user/109560,mylist/1000485 Twitter: @viptentyo)
Kogeinu コゲ犬 (user/2127109,mylist/18683744 Twitter: @kogeinu)
Tama たま (user/241544,mylist/9985627 Twitter: @c__r__z)
Natsushiro Takaaki 夏代孝明 (user/8186836,mylist/30043188 Twitter: @_natsushiro_)
nero (user/4762111,mylist/17327803 Twitter: @nero_nikoniko)
Mi-chan みーちゃん (user/9425313,mylist/11081986 Twitter: @michan39)
Aoi あおい (user/23264271,mylist/28506261 Twitter: @nicodance_Aoi)
Melochin めろちん (user/1285635,mylist/2938845 Twitter: @melomelochin)
Amatsuki 天月 (user/28385,mylist/16016171, Twitter: @_amatsuki_)
Kiyo キヨ (user/14047911,mylist/15923690, Twitter: @kiyo_saiore)
Yuge 湯毛 (user/496180,mylist/2712392 Twitter: @yugepo)

Lyrics/Arrangement: halyosy
English Lyric Adaptation: Mes (user/17288634,mylist/21737824 Twitter: @MesC)
Piano Accompaniment: Crimson Meteor 紅い流星 (user/4291394,mylist/6051239 Twitter: @akairyusei)
Acoustic Guitar: 193 (user/3998065,mylist/29946653 Twitter: @igusaseiji)
Shamisen: 530 (user/12603207,mylist/19148727 Twitter: @530_GOSAMARU)
Electric Guitar: Nakanishi 中西 (user/3136073,mylist/14052593 Twitter: @NAKA_NISHI)
Bass Guitar: mao (user/2348963,mylist/14134845 Twitter: @mao_alpaca_love)

【Visual Accompaniments】
Illustrations: Sakura Yuki (user/15836229 Twitter: @sakula_yuki)
Video Editing: Makino Sena まきのせな (user/10901413,mylist/27603195 Twitter: @3329h0rned0w1)
AE File:http://bit.ly/1lZs0y3
Encoding: Scotch すこっち (user/3849948,mylist/28212980 Twitter: @scotch0116)

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