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[Ushidorobo] Cellphone Paranoia Girl(LOL)[Danced it]


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Video Description:

Cow: "To all you cattles, are you ready!?"
Audience: “Moooooooo……!!!!!!!"
I am imagining a dialogue like this,
but please forget it, too tasteless and not funny at all.


Miume みうめ mylist/23644539 co1061606 twitter:@jjmiume
Azuma 東  mylist/25590927 co1561224 twitter:@azmaxx
Kato 加藤 mylist/25590927 co1561224 twitter:@katoww
Sacchaso さっちゃそ mylist/24631370 co1162409 twitter:@sacchaso2525
Nora のら  mylist/18254208 co232115 twitter:@noranecoco
Niina 仮面ライアー217  mylist/25013166 co1173813 twitter:@disnyna
Rachel れいちぇる mylist/26124042 co1177943 twitter:@rei_0828
Kotaro 小太郎 mylist/28598579 co1375807 twitter:@Hu_ma_kotaroww
Pan2 ぱん2 mylist/29064931 co1370708 twitter:@hetarepan2
Video production: take(awesome)mylist/25954833 twitter:@take_724

from the translator:
The name of the group, 牛泥棒 (read as Ushidorobo, literally means Cow Thief), was intended to be a pun. A Cow’s “moo” + nusu (from nusutto = thief) makes "moo nusu".
It resembles the shortened name for Morning Musume: mo-musu.

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