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【RAB】Danced to Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl【R.A.B】


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Video Description:

It isn't unimportant, but I ate a macaron.

Original Music: sm19133907

☆RAB info☆
An exclusive live performance by Fukuhara Kaori and RAB is going
to be held on Apr 6 (Sun), 2014!!!

Details of the live performance ⇒ http://p.tl/6qlc

A mini album with Fukuhara Kaori, "Wanna Be Popular!" (売れたい!), is also on sale!
Details ⇒ http://p.tl/AcAN
For reservation ⇒ http://p.tl/Y3MI

RAB My List → mylist/39486821

Previous work → sm22937674


Suzumiya Atsuki @atsuki_suzumiya mylist/36539038
Keitan user/666766 @rabkeitan mylist/22745990
Maron  @rabkuri
Muratomi @lala969688
Dragon @drag_on_dragon

Niconico live broadcast by Fukuhara Kaori and RAB, "福原香織とRABのうぇうぇコヨトルZ #1"
Timeshift watching → lv171703816

[ Commentary from the Translator ]
Their order from left to right at the start is:
 Keitan, Muratomi, Atsuki, Maron, Dragon

The lyrics at 0:30 - 0:32 mean "It's unimportant, but I want to eat a macaron".
A macaron is a sweet confection.

Maron's talk from 1:30 is like below:
 I've once stood at an exhibition booth at a university festival with my hair cut into a mohawk.
 Some senior members of my dance circle forced me at that time to cut lines on the back of
 my hair to draw "クリ" (kuri, meaning "maron").
 But the drawn characters looked a little different, like "クソ" (kuso, meaning "shit").
 And I was called "kuso" (shit) even after the festival.

Their Niconico live broadcast in the description (lv171703816) was delivered on Mar 20, 2014.
Niconico premium members can view it on timeshift for a week (probably until Mar 27 in JST).
Fukuhara Kaori is a voice actress and a singer.
(Dragon is absent from the broadcast this time)
This broadcast is successive and the next (#2) is going to be on Apr 3: lv173092863

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