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【Ashibuto Penta】Love! Snow! Really Magic【Original Choreography】


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Video Description:

* I instantly fell in love with this song yesterday *

Good evening. This is Ashibuto.

My body began dancing while I was listening to this song all day!
I apply for the choreography championship! I would be grateful for your support!
I would be happy if you dance together with me (*´ワ`*)

Namara wonderful original song → sm22791352

My List → mylist/22912938
Community → co1358080
Twitter → @Asibuto_Penta
My website → http://drpc.main.jp/penta/

I made a mirrored video → sm22812604

[ From the Translator ]
Ten competitors were selected (sm23150712) for the choreography championship
at Cho-kaigi 3 on Apr 26, 2014.
Her words "dance together with me" are for the venue of the championship.

"namara" (at 2:23 on sm22791352) means "very" or "really". It is a dialect word
in Hokkaido, the northern and second largest island in Japan.
In the song (at 0:27 on sm22791352), Sapporo is the largest city in Hokkaido
and Winter Olympics in 1972 were held there.

Her first name in Western order is Penta.

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