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【YMMP】Triangle☆Girl's Heart Danced_it【Original Choreography】


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Video Description:

Hello!We are Yakko・Manako・Nanakawa Miko・Ashibuto Penta!
Us 4 highschool seniors did the choreography and danced_it!

The Super Cute Original MV→sm3398876

Yakko(Braids)→mylist/25222092 co1354972 @yakko928
Manako(Bob Cut)→mylist/34693920 co1787670 @xxxskri
Nanakawa Miko(Ponytail)→mylist/15440872  co1084273  @miko02xxx
Ashibuto Penta(Twintail)→mylist/22912938  co1358080  @Asibuto_Penta

1/26 We did an YakoManaMikoPen Meet-Up!!
Part One→lv165135574 Part Two→lv165136452

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