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【Hamideruzu】Danced to LUVORATORRRRRY!【VocaLabo】


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Video Description:

Hamideruzu (ハミデルズ) danced to -LUVORATORRRRRY! (GigaP × Reol)-, which is the
theme song of the only VOCALOID CLUB event in Hiroshima, "VOCALOID LABORATORY",
commonly called VocaLabo.

This song has been uploaded!! → sm22942867

F-ton (えふとん): mylist/17420245 【co1239438】 Twitter: @fton25
Tora-san (とらさん): mylist/29593746 【co1637037】 Twitter: @niko_tora3

VocaLabo (ボカラボ) 【co1427139】 vocalabo.web.fc2.com Twitter: @voca_labo

[ From the Translator ]
The name of this duo is Hamideruzu (ハミデルズ).
Tora-san is with a tiger mask. "Tora" means a tiger.
F-ton is with a beanie cap.

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