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GUMI - Caramel Tart【Original】


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Video Description:

■This song is being included on my new CD released at Chou Vom@as!→sm23349839
■It's colate. This is my 13th work. The lyrics came to me when I was eating a tart in a cake shop in Shibamata.

■キラキラスパーンさわやか失恋です( ◞´•௰•`)◞
■Illustration Chamooi-san × Movie Kento Fukuda-san. Awesome.

■Music: colate(@colate_dochibi)
■Illustration: Chamooi (@chamooi)
■Movie: Kento Fukuda(@kento_0223)
■Co-arrange: JellyPanda(@starjellypd)

■My List: mylist/28016935 mylist/29973906
■The off-vocal is here[http://piapro.jp/colate_ll]

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