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【JOJO MMD】Paranoid【PV Style】HD Ver.


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Video Description:

This is the 1280×720 version of sm22372536 .
The finer places couldn't be fixed so it's been carried on to this version.
Please enjoy on the large screen settings!

Please be aware that there are flashy cuts some may feel uncomfortable with.
※ A covered version of the song was borrowed and used.
※ Origins of items used in the PV, the original song, and the covered song are all included in the PV | Please avoid posting comments that might cause confusion, contain BL/Slash/Yaoi material, are overly "moe" oriented, or anything that causes general unpleasantness.
※ "Strong" NG settings are recommended

PS: I forgot to include this in the credits; Sky dome—aokcub
Thank you to the Lyrics Guru!
Thank you to Weather Report for the advertisement!


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