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【Ashibuto Penta】I TRIED DANCING Ai KotobaⅡ【I've turned 18】


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Video Description:

Thanks for 5 years

I've turned 18! It's me "Ashibuto".
From the time that I was 13 years old and uploaded my dancing for the first time, I wonder how I've grown and become an adult(*´ワ`*)

My dancing, singing, the events, and live broadcastings, everything...
It's all thanks to your kindness!!
From now on as well, I hope for your continued support\(*´ワ`*)/

Original song : sm21986543
Origin of reference of the choreography : project DIVA, SEGA

Mylist : mylist/22912938
Community : co1358080
twitter : @Asibuto_Penta
HP : http://drpc.main.jp/penta/

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