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【Ishiganto×S!N×Kanseru×Chomiryo】tried to sing Matryoshka (warning: rotten)


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Video Description:

This is rotten! Hahahahaha! We made a Matryoshka cover!

Original Song ⇒ sm11809611

Song and Voice Play
S!N mylist/20147756
Ishiganto mylist/7359963
Kanseru (formerly KanzentaiCell) mylist/26048328
Chomiryo mylist/15540615

Guest Starring
Bronze Arm Drive mylist/24946960
Mikarin co357317

Song Mix・Madotsuki mylist/21696595
Voice Play Mix・djseiru mylist/16360743
Art・[Mulberry Hoshi?]あやせmylist/38291025
Written by・Chomiryo

★Past Rotten Works
1st:【chomiryo×Freedel】tried to sing Magnet sm16140851
2nd:【un:c×chomiryo×luz×KOOL】tried to sing White Day Kiss sm17247435
3rd:【ban×uratanuki×chomiryo×un:c×Mafumafu】kurumi☆ponchio sm18947278

【Ishiganto】live solo「Frontage」to be held on November 2! http://p.tl/rIBG

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