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【Rachel・217・Mikumaro】Danced to cLick cRack【Hamideruzu】


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Video Description:

This is "cLick cRack" included in "GigaBanana The Best".

Music Used: GigaP's "cLick cRack" (sm21403089)

Dancers (in the order of appearance):
F-ton (えふとん) mylist/17420245 co1239438 Twitter: @fton25
Rachel (れいちぇる) mylist/26124042 co1177943 Twitter: @rei_0828
Tora-san (とらさん) mylist/29593746 co1637037 Twitter: @niko_tora3
Kamen Liar 217 (仮面ライアー217) mylist/25013166 co1173813 Twitter: @disnyna
Mikumaro (ミク麻呂) mylist/21530847 co1020383 Twitter: @mikumaroo

Shooting and Edit: take mylist/25954833 Twitter: @take_724

[ From the Translator ]
GigaBanana The Best is a greatest hits album, composed or arranged by GigaP.
cLick cRack is 16th song and from 9:38 in the crossfade on sm21337204.

Hamideruzu is a duo of Tora-san and F-ton.
"217" is read as Niina.

Products related to this video (by Nico Ichiba) ...

cLick cRack(ぎがばなな ざ ベスト ~NORISHIO味~) ななひら×れをる×そらる×kradness×96猫×ギガP×おればなな4人が購入/この動画で2人、全体で16人がクリック

cLick cRack(ぎがばなな ざ ベスト ~USUSHIO味~) れをる×ギガP×おればなな3人が購入/この動画で4人、全体で52人がクリック


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