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〔Nanahira×Reol〕 8HIT 〔Tried to Sing〕


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Video Description:

   One, two, three, four, five, six, seven -- alright!

     --- --- --- --- ---

   Original Video (sm15652907)

   ■Music/Lyrics: JesusP (mylist/14519854)
   ■Illust: Manako (http://piapro.jp/c_rn635)
   ■Movie: WONDERFUL★OPPORTUNITY!(mylist/14519854)

         Vocal(Rin part) : Nanahira ななひら (mylist/9043846)(@nanahira)
   Vocal(Len part)/Mix/Encode : Reol れをる (mylist/32224898)(@RRReol)

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