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[Hatsune Miku Original] clavis


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Video Description:

Miku: "Oh, a new song huh? Well, thanks a lot for totally missing my birthday!"
Uploader: "Sorry sorry, it was an uphill battle for the past day or so ><"
Uploader: "And furthermore, there was some prob-- oh hey you're already listening to it?"
Miku: "I-I'm just feeling sorry for you if no one listened to the song; it's not like I *like* listening to it!"

And yeah... it took me about 20 total hours of work to finish this song and upload the video. Buying Miku English and running it properly on the Mac felt like an exercise in understanding Murphy's Law, so I totally missed getting it out for her birthday >< This time I tried to make a more trance-ish song, and this was kind of how it turned out. I hope you can enjoy it...

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