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【Hatsune Miku】overwriter【Original with MV】


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Video Description:

I am tilt. This is my fifth song.

I made it just in time...!

Congradulations for Miku's sixth year.

I put in all my feelings I had from the beginning.

Starting with Miku as the first all the way until now, and from now on. It is not an overwriting, but rather coexistence.

Picture:志賀匠様 わかむらP様 mylist/1399500
Music and lyrics: tilt mylist/36434606

It is included in SME and Crypton's CD, "MikXperience e.p." and is the commercial message song for "Xperia feat.HATSUNE MIKU"


Previous work→Hoshizora Rein sm21412318
※The characters are not very related to any real person. Thank you for understanding.

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