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【11th MMD Cup Finals】CHILD ONLY【IA】



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Mr. Children (くるみ) Music Video (http://youtu.be/3Um_xMmE8OA) I'm doing another story that these men appear in. (´・ω・`)

【theme:再会 (Reunion)】【予選:sm21398803
MMD official site=http://mmdcup.org/
Official final round 1=mylist/36447209 Official finals 2=mylist/36447210

Synopsis: A former member of a student band called "Innocent Boys," calls for a reunion. However, these students have now become adults; can they regain the dream that was left behind all those years ago? There was a girl who shouted encouragement from a distance--
Original Song:「涙の即興曲」うみっしゅ様 nc47004 / 「CHILD ONLY」ヤナガミユキ様 sm20921909

Lots of comments, mylists, and advertisements. Thank you very much
Here is a modified version!sm21779586

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