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N.N. Typical Vocaloid was Diseased?Last Brutal Vocaloid* Ru N.


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Translation Note: Original Title uses "暴歌ロイドー". This could be pronounced as "Bōkaroido", which is the same as the Japanese spelling for Vocaloid (ボーカロイド), but the first two syllables have been written with Kanji that mean "Brutal/Violent" and "Song", rather than the usual Katakana; this word is still preceded with "鬼畜", meaning "Brutal", like the title of "Last Brutal Sister Flandre S." (最終鬼畜妹フランドール・S), the remix of "U.N. Owen was her?" which this MAD is based on.

【New Work: (9/13)sm4608896】The last brute was a Niconico-like Vocaloid* (see above). Dilute Chaos... is how I might interpret this. P.S. Everyone, I thank you for watching this. Truly, I thank you very much. I'm sorry if I've kept you waiting.【sm2338768】Past List:【mylist/13916472

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