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【9 Guys】Danced to Pomp and Circumstance【Ushidorobo-dorobo】


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Video Description:

It is too late in time!! I thought it would be so.
Music Source: sm20145531
Original Choreography: sm20124757

Tora-san (とらさん): mylist/29593746 Twitter → @niko_tora3
Get2 (ゲッツ): mylist/19905602 Twitter → @MASA2Get2
Tadanon (ただのん): mylist/82491 Twitter → @tadano_ryu
Zensoku (喘息): mylist/33241101 Twitter → @_zensoku_
TSUYOSHi: mylist/27638109 Twitter → @24_dance
HIGE: mylist/19939530 Twitter → @hige_0916
Kamiio (カミーオ): mylist/25327292 Twitter → @Kamio_nico
Tokeru (とける): mylist/32197894 Twitter → @Toketa_watashi
O.D.: mylist/21938649 Twitter → @OD_Paradise

Shooting: Kamechin (かめちん)

[ From the Translator ]
Original Vocaloid song is: sm19233263

Their order from left to right in the photo at the end is:
HIGE; Kamiio; O.D.; Tora-san; Get2; Zensoku; Tadanon; Tokeru; TSUYOSHi

This video should have had to be uploaded no later than Jun 3 in order that they apply
for Dance Master FINAL on Aug 18, 2013 with this dance.
Almost all of them performed in other separate groups at DM FINAL because other
videos with them had been respectively uploaded by Jun 3.

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