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【IA】I Love You - Masakey Ft IA【Original Song】


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Video Description:

Thank you so much for the 100,000 views!

The love words are AI Ai (愛) I Love You♪
I made a modern version of Italo・Pop

Lyrics by Tora & Masakey
Music & Arranged by Masakey(https://twitter.com/Masakey http://Masakey.com )
Character design by Erika(https://twitter.com/ERICCApnk http://pink.secret.jp)
Movied by KEY2BC(http://Nextculture.Jp)

Sang it mylist/37523203 This too, please certainly hear it♪
Off-Vocal http://piapro.jp/masakey
Nikokara mylist/37523223
Everybody cover it!For one who loves this song, and love to dance too, dance it!I beg you with all of my heart m(_ _)m

VOCALOID Original Song List mylist/35438195
Community co1694282I Want You sm20311164 Look at the dream♡AIAIA sm21112063

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