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【Hatsune Miku】blackbox【Original Song MV】


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Video Description:

Good evening, Marasy here.

It's been a long time. This is the 7th song I made, sang by Miku-san.

MV maker : Kasoku Satou-san (加速サトウさん)
(3D modeling & animation, composite, logo design)
Twitter : http://twitter.com/ksk_st HP : http://ksk.st/
mix : Katmax-san
mastering:Tom Coyne-san
Song, lyric:Marasy

I think there is love, but also it becomes hate, and then willingness to end things. So I asked Kasoku Satou-san to make a distortion themed video.

Mylist : mylist/8208046 Community : co160061
Latest Miku-san Original : sm19339722
Marao previous work : sm20540458
twitter : http://twitter.com/marasy8
Website http://www.marasy8.com/

I will do solo live in June. http://d-ue.jp/sites/v-box/

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V.I.P(Marasy plays Vocaloid Instrumental on Piano)
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