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[Hibiki Shinji] Moon of the Sakura Tower Dance [Traditional Original]


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Video Description:

Ah, the spring dust dance.

I use Hibiki Shinji Shintanjutsu for an original song.
The image is of cherry blossoms with a traditional rock song.

■Illustration: ROZE mylist/24884753
■Movie: 輝希 mylist/35035591
■Raw Materials: すやひと
■Guitar: 板垣雄一朗 TwitterID @yuichiroitagaki
■Lyrics: ぶー太 mylist/34648841
■Composition: 大野 mylist/25845556

■Main Vocal: Hibiki Shinji
■Bass: Soho (UTAU)

For only a few seconds these were used for the chorus.
■1st Chorus: Nagone Mako, Shirakami
■2nd Chorus: Suzunemaro Ichi, Otodamaya Ichihime
Karaoke, MP3, UST and VSQ→ http://piapro.jp/armourcellar
・Filter 's' 'ss' and 'sss' in the blizzard of cherry blossoms.

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