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Dasoku/Pokota/Mi-chan/Kettaro/koma’n【√5】「Love Hunter」Live Action MV


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Video Description:

OUT ON 3/13/2013!
It will be the ending theme for "Onegai! Ranking" on TV Asahi during March!
From the first album by √5, 「ROOT FIVE」,
The live action MV of "Love Hunter."

"Love Hunter"
Lyrics・Music・Arrangement: halyosy【mylist/4566612
Movie: Shin Okawa / Illustration: Takumi Aoyagi

√5 are...
Dasoku  "I wanted to chase something."【mylist/9258972
Pokota   "I like elephants. But I like Chef Kawagoe even more."【user/10250047
Mi-chan "Θ皿Θ"【mylist/11081986
Kettaro  "Huh? Where are my cat ears?"【mylist/4888390
koma'n  "*smug look*" 【mylist/23887539

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