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【The 10th MMD Cup Main Event】『Yakusoku no Tane』【MMD Story PV】


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Video Description:

I created a story PV for 40mP-sama's composition『Yakusoku no Tane』
as well as the fishing port train station『Kachigawaura Station』.
Stage details>http://kamiichiba.seesaa.net/category/14029203-1.html
Download link>http://bowlroll.net/up/dl14338
Recommended models>http://ejima.ninja-web.net/stg/s06/info.html
Past works etc>mylist/24891991
Special thanks go to うしなま道場[Ushinama doujou]-sama for his help with this video.
ussy-sama、and everyone in the community, thank you.
MMD Cup Official Site=http://mmdcup.org/
Official Main 1=mylist/34174291 Official Main 2=mylist/34174306

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ヤクソクの種 40mP feat.GUMI6人が購入/全体で114人がクリック

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