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【2/20 Release】Tokyo Pleasure Ground / Touyu【Cross-Fade】


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Video Description:

Here is an "Amusement Park left behind in the Future"
Tokyo Pleasure Ground

"Tokyo Pleasure Ground / Touyu" is released on February 20 2013!

Thank you very much everyone
Is it a piece of my body and soul which took all of my power to be able to give to you now!
I was only able to complete this thanks to the co-operation of many people.
Please enjoy.

Illustration: Akiakane (mylist/6625593)(http://akiakane.net/)
Vocals: Touyu (user/174719 / mylist/15840603 / co204084)

Official Site: touyukan.jp
Album Site: tokyopleasureground.com/
Original Store Page: touyukan.jp/present2.html

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Tokyo Pleasure Ground -Prologue- 灯油2人が購入/この動画で1人、全体で12人がクリック

Tokyo Pleasure Ground -Epilogue- 灯油1人が購入/この動画で1人、全体で12人がクリック

トーキョープレジャーグラウンド 灯油3人が購入/この動画で1人、全体で41人がクリック

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