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【The 10th MMD Cup Main Event】 Touhou's cute!! shake it! 【MMD-LIVE】


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Video Description:

MMD Cup Overall 2nd place! Thank you so much!
An HD version! It's here!⇒sm20406352

The first Ex【The 10th MMD Cup Exhibition】sm20169156

Nescafe's previous MMD Cup video⇒sm18631380

Release time 2013/02/15 21:00(JST)

MMD Cup Official Site=http://mmdcup.org/

Official Main Event 1=mylist/34174291 Official Main Event 2=mylist/34174306

The resources used in this video are shown at the end in the credits。Thank you to the original creators!
Please watch these too!:mylist/31820524

「転送不要」-sama, even「わかちん」-sama who I borrowed the motion data from! Everyone who advertised for me, thank you very much! 

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