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[MMD] I made my Miku model dance to WeekenderGirl


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Video Description:

I had to wear to dance your own model (im1736036) was so very Kawairashika~tsu snow Mon Kei was drawn illustration of Hatsune Miku. Mr. 佳 Mon snow drawn illustrations amazing
■ modeling & movie you I appreciate: kz P
■ motion making Hachioji (livetune) ×::
■ music & lyrics 佳 Mon snow: dondon
■ original illustration xxKaoruLoverxx & Yami Sweet
■ stage: We would like to thank the creators who made great music, motion and effect: wearing P & hana
■ MME: FurShader, o_diffusion, o_SSAO, Motion blur2, AutoLuminous2, DigitalRipple, Acknowledgements Line
■ Model data: http://p.tl/Gwnm ■ myList> mylist/3376400

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Weekender Girl kz(livetune) x 八王子P feat. 初音ミク8人が購入/この動画で2人、全体で58人がクリック

「Weekender Girl / fake doll[初回盤](CD+DVD+特典 初音ミクつままれキーホルダー『Weekender Girl』仕様)

「Weekender Girl / fake doll[初回盤](CD+DVD+特典 初音ミクつままれキーホルダー『Weekender Girl』仕様)
kz(livetune)×八王子P feat.初音ミク/八王子P feat.初音ミク
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キャラクターをつくろう! 3DCG日和。
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