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MMD Motor show preliminary display; HMMWV M1043A1 w/ M60 GPMG, truck M35A2


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Video Description:

I made the MMD vehicle models that HMMWV a.k.a. humvee and utility truck M35 using by U.S. military and numerous countries (including Taiwan). I chose non up-armored M1043A1 and M35A2 (not M939 or later), because of reenactment the movie "Black Hawk Down" by MMD.

And, I show the MMD prototype model of type 73 large truck as a reference to divert the chassis of the M35.

Any questions? If you have any feedback, I'm waiting for e-mail. diagraph01 at mark ab.auone.ne.jp

You can get models here; http://bit.ly/Nk8CNC

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