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[Sun Pocky] [IA original PV] Stick with You


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Pocky game but also good, probably together with other'm boring? Let 's youth in pocky everyone! Shinichi Yamashita wolf Architecture (http://ameblo.jp/phoenrill/), Video:: n Guitar Composer: IA, planning: Song Lyrics (mylist/5091172) P B slowly schoolgirl active copy (mylist/32496010): master sound engineer SHOT BAR "ff" of Musashikoganei princess mirror: engagement shoot Mr. Chan Shunka n us (http://studioshamanika.com/studio.html) Shigeharu Yokoya gave me the construction of the house all night . While there is a fever of 39 degrees all night, P B was jumping up and down to prostrate peppy in Yoyogi Park. Pocky eat with the staff in real time. How many days would I take. I'm waiting for a little karaoke →

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