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Well then, more than a friend of Toru [Meiko Saki original sound] [2012 Festival of birth]


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\ Mae Chan! Video / OP "High School set Gillen" anime and shelved just before the broadcast but made headlines as the first tie-up song after Saki sound Meiko debut was unearthed! I will get up to commemorate the birth anniversary 8 MEIKO! References Anko (mylist/14561632):: Illustration kusemono_st: Saki sound Meiko complete manual Kusemono mylist/3158085 Twitter

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咲音メイコ daigoman・斜め上P2人が購入/この動画で1人、全体で54人がクリック

トモダチ以上のえと・せとら kusemono feat.MEIKO … この動画で5人、全体で10人がクリック

トモダチ以上のえと・せとら kusemono feat.MEIKO

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