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【Miume×Kozue】 Koi wa Kimagure Illusion!! 【Danced it】


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みうめ mylist/23644539 co1061606 Twitter:jjmiume
愛川こずえ mylist/8105413  co47201 Twitter:aikawa_kozue

[ Translated Video Description ]

We two tried dancing "Koi wa Kimagure Illusion!!" ☆ミ
 [The last "☆ミ" is an emoticon]
Music Source ⇒ sm17373315
Referential Videos ⇒ sm18575624, sm18688196
Shooting and Edit ⇒ Moririn(Twitter:moririn_25)

Miume mylist/23644539 [Community] co1061606 Twitter:jjmiume
Aikawa Kozue mylist/8105413  [Community] co47201 Twitter:aikawa_kozue

[ Commentary from the Translator ]

The uploader is Aikawa Kozue.
Kozue's short comment on her My List (mylist/8105413) is:
 [ Original Japanese ]
 [ Translated English ]
  "Work No. 106.
   Collaboration with Miume ☆"

The song name in Japanese is "恋は気まぐれイリュージョン!!".
It has more than one English names.
Its typical name is "Koi wa Kimagure Illusion!!" with a partial Japanese pronunciation.
Koi (恋) is Love. Kimagure (気まぐれ) is Fickle or Capricious.
The song name in full English may be "Love Is a Fickle Illusion!!" or "Love Is a Capricious Illusion!!".

The two referential dance videos in the video description are:
 sm18575624: Dancers are Norakura (のらくら, girl) and Nokkuso (ノックソ, guy).
 sm18688196: Dancers are Theta (Θ, girl) and Kimagureprince (気まぐれプリンス, guy).
The original choreographer of this dance is Kimagureprince.

A small black cat figure near Kozue's left ankle is on the tights. It isn't a real tattoo.
The stains under Kozue's arms are due to her sweat. She says the sweat is mainly due to studio light.

Miume and Kozue collaborated also in the videos below:
 - sm19346506: Song name is Aitai Aitai Aitai na. Uploader is Miume. Kozue numbers her Work No. 107. Other three dancers are Kimagureprince, Shirofuku and Aoi.
 - sm15806799: Song name is Mikan. Uploader is Kozue. Kozue's Work No. 90. Another dancer is Nora.
 - sm16577492: Song name is magnet. At a New Year's Eve event on Dec 31, 2011. Other two dancers are Reichell and Pan2.

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