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[Traced Animation] Let's compare "Futae No Kiwami" around the world! (Validation Series)


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Video Description:

It's original video is sm8918218. Well, the video was actually traced from sm983283 at first. It was later deleted by Fuji TV because of its copyright problems, and its traced video was later deleted, also. This is Re-re-uploaded version, so please remember this.

Video's order is like this, all based on the anime version of Rurouni Kenshin: Japanese Dub- English Dub (Old one)-Latin American Spanish-Portuguese-Latin American Portuguese. All except Portuguese version are based on original English Dub from Anime Works, while Portuguese version is derived from Sony version.

Anyway, talking about copyrights...
WHO CARES. It is not attempted for earning money or something.
It's all for fun! Freakin' Copyright holders!

If you want more detail, go to Know Your Meme site and its description in:
P.S. Wait, if you enter KYM on google, Know Your Meme will be appear on top. In japan, this meme's nickname is simply called as KYM. Coincidence?

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