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Touhou Imperishable Night Medley For The Insane Bugs (FULL)【Touhou Eiyashou Arrange】


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Video Description:

The instrumental version of Touhou ✕ Chargeman Ken! collab, "Insanity Bugs in Touhou Imperishable Night" (sm17418962).
What this is, is a Touhou Eiyashou insane speed medley (200bpm) with 10 songs (Main Boss Songs) included. Seems like the true form didn't come out.

I had made Keima-san (桂馬; user/8017691) to create the colorful background for this video.
Please enjoy listening to the music.

Mylist → mylist/4782158
Twitter → https://twitter.com/#!/7_8_9_7

2013 → sm20597951

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