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【IA】Headphone Actor【Original PV】


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Video Description:

This is Jin, aka Shizen no Teki P.
This is my 4th work.
A story of the day the world ended.
「Just once, don't doubt.」

Here's the karaoke and lyrics. http://piapro.jp/my_page/?view=content&pid=jin_jin_suruyo
Community【Mekakushi Dan Operation Headquarters】co1186858

I have released a sound source using the finished version of IA.
It will be available on January 27th, released by 1st PLACE
The version used here is the beta version of 「IA-ARIA ON THE PLANETES-」

I've completed the album! →sm13628080
● Lyrics・Composition・Arrangement Jin (Shizen no Teki P) twitter jin_jin_suruyo

● Recording・Tuning Help Gacchan mylist/28034941

● Mix Sanpuraza-P

● Illustration・Movie Shidu mylist/24067227

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