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【Wata】Danced to Gravity=Reality【Summer】


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Video Description:

It's hot!!!
This is my upload for a certain number time. My name is "Wata" (。◕ д ◕。)
I want to finish my homework within July and do as I please in August in this summer vacation. I couldn't do so last summer. And, as well, the summer before last.

Thank you for the Hall of Fame entry! (;ω;)tears with joy sm13616395
Unchosen video with knee-high socks watch/1311254792 (Community members only)

The music source, making my heart temperature jump sm8824425
I danced with my little arrangement on the dance by Minka Lee, the original dancer of my sweet love angel, with the choreography by teacher Yumiko!
I referred also to Mikumaro and yunnny*! sm13080747 sm12573082
Shooting and Edit: Hibiki mylist/18374143

*Now! : http://twitter.com/wata0w0 *Community: co458396
*My List: mylist/21343299

[ Commentary from the Translator ]
"Hall of Fame entry" means over 100,000 views on Niconico.
Minka Lee was a member of DANCEROID. The original dance by her is on DANCEROID's first DVD.
Yumiko was the instructor and choreographer for DANCEROID, with another name of MTP.

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