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Thanks for the 5m views! Tried to tease this switch ON/OFF robot at full force


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Bullying isn't good (´・ω・`)
Please watch this! ↓
The beginning of this sm3139601

Thanks for the suggestion for its name. Now it's named the [Automatized hikikomori unit]

3.77 million views on Youtube!?
On Yahoo too! And on Gizmode too... oh sorry, I think I mistranslated that last one! And its advertised on Twitter too. Many thanks to people from overseas too!
The whole explanation about the robot ⇒ http://bit.ly/mCad4z
Somebody made a model for MMD ⇒ http://bit.ly/nLs6Lt And I ended using it (lol) mylist/27057701

The succesor, the Automatized Hikikomori unit Second Edition is in production! ⇒ sm16234571
Official website of the [Automatized Hikikomori unit]: http://hikikomoriki.jp/

My other works: mylist/5808406
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12/10/4: I can't believe I appeared for third time on TV!! Thanks everyone for your support!!

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