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【Wata】Danced to Melancholic【C.S.Port Rearranged Ver.】


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Thank you for 100,000 views!
I'm completely late. My name is Wata.(。◕ д ◕。)
I participated in a very wonderful project this time. The participants are: mylist/23811024

I danced it, recalling my first boyfriend, as the period of Valentine's day. Yeah, his name was Hiroya.
No, it wasn't so. I couldn't allow for it. My tension got higher as I went on dancing, and it was really ... !!
It was really a lot of fun!!!(*´ω`*)

*Mirrored video was produced! sm13635315

My favorite original music sm10444862,  Too cute music source used sm10634532
Pleasant cute awesome choreography 710,  Shooting and Edit Hibiki mylist/18374143

*Now! : http://twitter.com/wata0w0 *Community: co458396
*My List: mylist/21343299

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