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【Sweet Ann's Original Song 4】 Never Afraid 【English R&B Rap】


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I'm Ann Melts-P. The Ann in my mind! I am...! Married to heeer...!

■For that Sweet Ann from the overseas Vocaloid group, I've worked hard on bringing a lot of various styles, even rap, a wide range of styles! It've been a long time since I last made an original song, uh.
■The lyrics start with the "Android" and "Neck Wounds" theme, and so some fantasy comes by.
 Because there's always someone in somewhere who needs another person, anyone from the human race, I tried to put the thought that you should keep going never afraid of anything.

■This song is being showed to the public in the CD "DEBUTANTE 5"!→http://k-shi-studio.com/debutante5/
 I appreciate the cooperation of k-shi in the recording of the CD.
■Illustration and video were drawn by Kanou Fujishiro!(mylist/7022327

■My List: mylist/4036533

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