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【Uploader want to watch】Bad Apple!! PV【Please someone picturize it】


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I am bashful for a million views. I knew it from an email.
And sorry for the 2nd anniversary video. It wasn't made in time. I expect I can make
it if I can afford a vacation on consecutive holidays in September. I recently imagine
I would have much free time if I rather got to be a working person.
And, it feels like I said I would pay money finally to Niwango lol when getting
million views. Sorry.

【Music Source】sm2077177  【list of videos by others】mylist/8149966 
【1st comparison video on 1st anniversary】sm7284045
【full patch】nm4595473  【Piihyarara】sm9269006  【Twitter】blue_mm_

[ Commentary from the Translator ]
"Piihyarara" is another Touhou music, but it has no direct relation with Bad Apple!!

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